Touch notebook, Asus VivoBook S200L3217E

Asus VivoBook S200L3217E (4GB/500GB) notebook uses metal body material, the texture is very good. It’s equipped with a 11-inch touch screen with a resolution of 1366 × 768, it supports Win8 system, so the touch control is very smooth. Whole the thickness is 21.7mm, and it weighs about 1.4Kg, which is more portable.

Asus VivoBook S200L3217E (4GB/500GB) notebook is equipped with Intel Core i3 3217U processor, 4GB DDR3 memory, 500GB hard drive and HD 4000 integrated graphics, which can meet the needs of general games and HD. It supports 802.11b/g/n wireless LAN, 1000Mbps Ethernet card, and Bluetooth 4.0 module. It has 2 × USB2.0 + 1 × USB3.0 interfaces, VGA, HDMI, headphone/microphone dual-use interface, RJ45 (network interface), power connector and 3-in-1 card reader.

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HP stop sale Chromebook 11 and recall overheating power adapter


Google and HP may have already put the brakes on Chromebook 11 sales due to overheating chargers, but there are many Americans who still own the risky equipment. Accordingly, the two companies have just issued an official recall for all 145,000 adapters in the US; owners now have to contact Google for a free replacement and stop using the flawed gear. There’s still no word on just when Chromebook 11 sales will resume, although the existence of a fixed charger suggests that the 11-inch system will return to shelves in the near future.

HP Pavilion g7-2378NR APU quad-core notebook, priced at only $ 400

The new iPhone 5C storm whipped up a color, but rarely seen with purple notebook appears. HP recently introduced a purple appearance of the new Pavilion g7 2378NR, this 17.3-inch notebook has a dazzling purple appearance.

This particular Pavilion g7 using AMD A8 4500M quad-core APU (equivalent to Core i5), 8GB memory and 1TB hard drive and AMD Radeon HD 7640G graphics card. Equipped with a 17.3-inch LED-backlit display resolution of 1600 × 900.

Pavilion g7 has a Super-Multi DVD drive, a webcam, a card reader, is also equipped with a USB2.0 and 2 as USB3.0, HDMI, and VGA.

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Lenovo released new 15-inch ultrabook-ThinkPad S531

ThinkPad S531


In the occasion that major manufacturers have introduced the ultrabooks, Lenovo is also unwilling to lag behind. Today, Lenovo officially launched ThinkPadS531. However, it still features the small dimensions, and does not direct to the field of big size.

ThinkPadS531 has ultra-thin design, 15.6 inch screen, 180 retractable LCD screen and keyboard, and runs the win8 system. Similar to S431, the ultrabook features Lenovo OneLink technology and 9 hours of battery life. A slight disappointment is that this similarity extends even to the CPU, S531 and S431 are alll pack Intel Ivy Bridege processor, rather than the legendary Haswell, but we do not know that whether it will upgrade or not.

The notebook is positioning at the high-end. In the appearance, it uses the ultra narrow frame design, the hypotenuse front and side, aluminum alloy shell, fashion silver and graphite black colors to choose from. S531 is one of the first uses ThinkPad Lenovo OneLink technology, so users can use a signal line to connecte to the ThinkPad OneLink Dock, to extend the video, USB3.0 and Gigabit Ethernet interface, which improves the performance of the whole computer.

In the other configuration, ThinkPad531 features a high resolution, 180 folding screen, the Intel third generation CoreTM processor, and the speed of the processor is rising to 15% than before. The battery can be 9 hours endurance. System total memory is up to 10GB, and it has a 500G hard disk. At the same time, the computer has two USB3.0 interface for high-speed data transmission.

At present, S531 has began to accept reservation in Britain, and the started sale price is 575 pounds, and its configuration will be adjusted according to the different location. 10GB Full HD Version (motherboard directly welded 2GB memory, the other reserve a maximum installation 8GB memory memory slot) will go on sale in July

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How to platform smart home: look SmartThings

U.S. tech start-up company SmartThings has provided a platform for the public to manage their own digital devices with Internet connectivity. Currently the company is seeking new ways to make customers and partners can easily accomplish to equip with various internet device. For this purpose, SmartThings is planning to launch a web and mobile shop, so you can buy starter kit, all kinds of digital devices and household solution on this palce.

Last September, as components of the American public financing website Kickstarter campaign, SmartThings released its first product, which provided a primary tool package with public. The kit includes a SmartThings control center, different types of sensors, which can track and control all kinds of digital devices. This toolkit mind is: the user by using their own smart phones can achieve different levels of automation of home life.

Although SmartThings just launched their own several products, the company hopes to provide outside developers a platform that allows them to develop their own hardware devices and applications. Because of this, SmartThings this spring open its platform for third-party developers that allow developers to take advantage of SmartThings development kit to connect the increasing number of network devices.

But the platform still has a shortage: SmartThings has done a lot in attracting outside developers to join, but it is a hassle to find compatible hardware. The reason is that at least so far, there are not platform for the developer using SmartThings techniques to find suitable digital devices.

In order to provide a more easily platform to find SmartThings equipment, the company is launching an online store. The store will offer a series of selection products to help customers successfully achieve to manage digital devices. The core of the plan is the primary toolkit including the SmartThings control center. SmartThings control center functions are to offer electricity for all other relevant digital devices.

Once the user has purchased the control center, they will be able to add separate devices from the store, including SmartThings own productions and other manufacturers’ equipments which including General Electric (GE), Schlage, Kwikset and Aeon, etc., such third-party manufacturer’s products are compatible with SmartThings platform.

In addition, the online store will also offer so-called “Solutions Group” and its purpose is to solve the problems that are caused by two or more groups SmartThings equipment integrated. This solution set includes automatic open and close door, detect gas leak and water leak, as well as turn on or off the corresponding device through mobile remote.

SmartThings said except for the online store, they will provide more user experience in the future, such as allowing third-party developers and manufacturers to sell their products in this platform. It is reported, the user can either purchase online via SmartThings site or through the previous iOS applications released by the company to achieve the same purpose. SmartThings also plans to publish applications for Android devices.

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